New to WordPress :?

I have had WordPress on my website for sometime now but have not been able to use it because, I do not know how. And, of course, now the company has been sold and I don’t know if anyone there knows how to do it.

Don’t you just love it when little independent company are doing a super job and all of sudden they are bought out by a “BIGGER” small company who wants to be the best or who doesn’t want the competition. Like draknet, which is now owned by A Small Orange. And then there was Paint Shop Pro which was bought out by Corel. It is so obvious that the bigger companies could not compete with the little guy or they were jealous the little guy might get a couple of their dollars so they just put them out of business. Of course, the big company then tries to improve on the little company and totally makes a mess of it through it own “I know best” policies.

Ok, I am no longer new to WordPress.

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